We were the first! 
Atlasware started manufacturing bottles in India in the early 2000's, and after the first 6 months of availability, Atlasware sold over 1,000,000 bottles. The success of our product is not because of the sleek design and colors but because it works!  How many times have you purchased a stainless steel bottle and have ended up disappointed?  Atlasware bottles speak for themselves. From their insulated caps to the highest grade stainless steel, you will experience the Atlasware difference.
The German technology behind the Atlasware bottle is the prime reason this flask is so incredibly convenient, reliable, and trendy. A highly insulating layer is housed between two layers of durable, high tensile stainless steel.When you feel the weight of it you’ll understand the genius of what is going to become, the last bottle you'll ever need! 

World Class Quality with 30 Years of experience

Atlasware is an I.S.O. certified company.It took years of innovative research & development to finally arrive at the result we would be satisfied with. A result we could be proud of. The result we know you will love.

An immensely strong, versatile, convenient ‘take it - anywhere’ flask that will keep liquid hot or cold around the clock,

Design Perfection

The Atlasware bottle is a stainless steel high quality bottle/flask. The flask is based on a special German technology used in the walls of spacecraft, designed to keep fluids cold or hot for extended periods of time. The stainless steel used is characteristics. The Atlasware bottle keeps your hot drinks hot for 18 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours, guaranteed Made in India, perfected with German Technology used in the walls of spacecraft, designed to keep fluids cold or hot for extended periods of time. 18 Hours hot & 24 hours Cold. We are made of Steel.

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Life is 20% what happens to us and 80% how we react to it

We give our best to bring to you the latest and safest products for you and your family.

Get committed to a new lifestyle

Drop all plastic and adapt the use food grade stainless steel.

Get into shape by exercising

Our bottles help you regulate your body temperature on both cold and hot days. Your exercise bottles will keep water at optimal temperature that you originally poured in. This it will do for the entire duration of your exercise.

Rebuild your Cabinet

Our Collection of world class kichen ware can refresh your cabinet with the best, hygenic and great looking cook ware. Our collections of stunning vacuum bottles and casseroles, will add a new flavour to your kitchen.

Go Green

Use of Stainless Steel reduces your carbon foot print signi􀃒cantly. Our long lasting bottles will also reduce the impact on your wallet.

Lifetime Support

We have a robust return and replacement policy. Even if the product is out of warranty, we will make the appropriate support and accessories to you.

Keeps you Food Happy

You can use this for a very wide range of uses. You can keep water, juices, wine, alcohol, milk, etc. We keep hot food hot and cold food cold.