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Atlasware Luncheon Stainless Steel Tiffin Boxes, Water Bottles and more....! — Reviewed!

Atlasware Luncheon Stainless Steel Tiffin Boxes, Water Bottles and more....! — Reviewed!
Atlasware needs no introduction; be it their sleek-designed, well insulated water bottles or unique featured stylish tiffin box to devour the homemade food hot and fresh! I would say they are the pioneer in the stainless steel appliances. The first thing that caught my eye was the "Made in India" initiative and eco-friendly step of the brand to use stainless steel to reduce the carbon footprints.

With the wide range of kitchen-ware including water bottles, flasks, tiffin box, coffee maker, oil-drizzler, cup and saucer, Atlasware is a trusted brand for all your needs.

I usually try to keep my lifestyle healthy by sipping warm water every couple of hours all through out the day and it is time consuming to hot the water every-time and drink. Hence, the handy atlasware insulated double walled stainless steel water bottle comes to the rescue. I just fill up the water in the morning and I'm good for next 5-6 hours. I am super happy with this product.

Same goes with the Mocha Coffeemaker. It is such a bliss in the hustle mornings. The strong, aromatic coffee is just ready in couple of minutes. Loved how easy it is to use and clean the coffee maker. You can easily carry it with to your office or during your travel. This portable coffee maker has my heart!

We all love to have hot and fresh homemade food in our offices. The normal steel tiffin box can make the food boring and cold the time you eat. I am so glad the newly introduced Atlasware Luncheon lunch boxes are tightly sealed with fail-proof locking system. It keeps stable because of the anti-skid base. The lunch-boxes are available in 3 sizes and amazing designs. It is suitable for both hot and cold food. Amazing right!

I am using 1000ml for some time now and apart from enjoying the fresh food, I came across some shortcomings of the lunch box. I would like to mention these are the areas of improvements, which was experienced by me. It is not necessary that you would also face the same. The suggestions are based on the sole basis of my experience.
1. The lunch-box handle is quite small.
2. It opens from bottom to top which makes me conscious everytime, I open it. Although, it is skid-free so no worries as in there. But mind plays!
3. The box should have some cutlery attachment or may be a bag to carry in it.

But that won't resist me to continue using my current favourite brand "Atlasware". Also, you can buy all the products from their website or from all the leading online portals.