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Cool New Tiffin Boxes From Atlasware!

Cool New Tiffin Boxes From Atlasware!

Cool New Tiffin Boxes From Atlasware!

I got to check out the new range of tiffin boxes that Atlasware just came out with. Thanks to them for sending me the products. They’re pretty sleek and sophisticated looking, unlike most dabbas you’d carry to work. I just love the look of it, to begin with.

Atlasware has definitely evolved with its product ranges. I used to think they only did those cool steel water bottles. And now they have a bunch of things going on for them. Very nice. Okay, coming back to the box, it’s durable and makes for a healthier choice. Ugh, microwaving cold food in plastic boxes – the sound of it itself is sad. I mean, this one’s high-grade stainless steel and the kind that keeps food warm for like 12 hours. So at least, lunch and snacks are sorted while at work.

After reading up a bit, I got to know a few of its features like:

  • Security lock and fail-proof locking system
  • Leak Resistance
  • Available in sizes and many color variants
  • 100% Rust Resistant SS 304 Grade
  • Smart and trendy looking
  • The heat retained up to 10 hours
  • Anti Skid base for stability 
  • Suitable for Both Hot and Cold Food
  • 100% BPA free, Non-Toxic Plastic Cover

Sounds good to me!

They’re available on Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, SnapDeal, and ClubFactoryApp. They’re also available on Atlasware itself too. So go on and get yourself this cool tiffin box!

I’ve also tried their Mocha Pot and stainless steel hot and cold vacuum bottles. Both are very good products. I use their Mocha Pot regularly for my morning cuppa as you can see.

The Mocha Pot is enough to make around 3-4 cups of coffee. Easy to use and my coffee comes out quite good. I make it as and when I need it because it takes barely 2-3 minutes to get a cup of coffee ready.

The stainless steel hot and cold vacuum bottles I like in particular because they come in 1-litre bottles as opposed to 750 ml ones that you find in the market. It keeps the temperature you pour your water in locked – hot or cold. Works both ways! A great alternative to plastic and it’s good for you. What more could I ask for?


Review by 

Pallavi Shastry

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