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Review: Atlasware Waterbottle

Review: Atlasware Waterbottle

I am a water bottle snob. I had the same metal water bottle for almost 5 years before it finally bit the dust. And in the last year I have gone through 5+ water bottles trying to find the perfect one.

Until we went to the Great Outdoors Expo, I had been using this water bottle. It checked off a lot of things on my check list: holds a decent amount of water, doesn’t make my water taste weird, easy to carry and clean, doesn’t leak and looks cute 🙂 After meeting with Dan Barney of Atlasware and telling him how much of a water bottle snob I was, he gave me one of his water bottles to try out. Now I’m converted. This Atlasware water bottle checks everything off of my list and more.

Atlasware water bottles are insulated and keep your drinks cold (and hot!) If I have cold water, I am a lot more likely to drink it. Because I’m a teacher, I can’t always go grab a cold water from the fridge. After using this water bottle, I have nice cold water all day long. I don’t even need to put ice in it! But when I do put ice in it, my water stays cold for an entire day.

Atlas ware water bottle at delicate arch

Somedays when I’m out shopping, I like to have a bottle of water with me to stay hydrated. I usually keep my water in the car so I don’t have to lug it around, but I don’t like how it gets so warm when it sits in a hot car. This is not the case for Atlasware water bottles. My water stays nice and cold.

When we were hiking last week in southern Utah, my water stayed nice and cold even while being in the hot sun for long hours every day. It was so refreshing to stop for a cool drink during our hikes.

The bottles come with two lids: one is a cap lid that has a flat top and the other is your standard metal water bottle lid with a place to clip on a carabiner. I really like the look of the cap/flat top. I think it makes the water bottle look cute (which is one of my criteria for water bottles). While I like the look of the lid, I have noticed that it doesn’t insulate as well as the other, plastic top.

For drinking, I love how the bottle has a narrow mouth. I hate it when my drink comes too fast at my mouth and I end up spilling all over the place. I haven’t had that problem since I’ve started using my Atlasware water bottle. The only downside is that it is hard to get ice cubes in. If you have crushed or pebble ice it isn’t too much of a problem though.

With ice, my drinks stay cold for more than 24 hours. Without ice, they stay cold for 12-18. I haven’t had any hot drinks in my bottle but their website says that they stay hot for 18 hours.

My bottle is a 16 oz size and it is perfect! It is big enough that I don’t have to fill it up every two seconds, but still small enough to be portable. It also fits nicely in the cupholder in my car.

Throughout our travels the last few months, I have dropped my water bottle multiple times on mountains, parking lots, hiking trails, etc. and the it has not scratched or dented at all. For someone who is as clumsy as I am, this is a huge feature that I love.

Atlas ware water bottle in backpack

Atlasware bottles come in different sizes and lots of fun colors. Some of my favorites are the pink, purple, and of course yellow.

If you’re in the market for a water bottle definitely look into Atlasware, especially if you’re a water bottle snob like me 🙂


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